Family history work a spiritual experience for the Gordons

Melinda Gordon

Melinda Gordon

For Melinda Gordon and her family, family history work is a spiritual experience. "My grandmother and my aunt were in a spiritualist church, and my grandmother was the minister," she says. "Part of their religion was family history. I was 15 or 16 when I started doing genealogy."

Since she and her husband and children joined the LDS Church, they've moved to Provo, Utah from Beaumont, Texas, and have been doing family history.

"My last calling in Beaumont was as a family history consultant," she says. "I came here (to the BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy) to learn more."

In her family, her daughters who have seven children are "the most addicted to squeezing in moments" to work on genealogy.

"One of my daughters is very aware of when people are pushing her to do their work," she notes. "Then when it's done, she feels the release. I just feel a continuing desire to do this work."

Once, though, when she was praying, she began seeing something—"the picture of a person I was supposed to find." It was her great-grandmother. She did her temple work.

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