Dream spurs family history consultant to do aunt's work

Susan Haven

Susan Haven

As the only LDS Church member in her family, Susan Haven, who lives in Sparks, Nevada, has a lot of family history to search out.

"I've lost two husbands—I'm on my third husband, so I've got like three separate families to do," she says cheerfully. "And I feel pretty overwhelmed about that." Susan converted to the Church in her 30s, and since her retirement 12 years ago, she and her husband have been working on their respective family histories.

"Sometimes when I'm online, I forget to go and eat, I'm just so involved," she says. "Sometimes I'm looking for one line, and just happen to come across another name that sounds familiar, and it's somebody else that I'd been looking for, and I go, 'Oh! I guess I'm supposed to find them today.' That's happened a number of times."

Her most memorable experience with family history came when she was asleep."I did have one dream one night about my aunt—she's my aunt by marriage. In the dream, she told me she wanted to have the work done for her family. So I did do it. I didn't even know where to start, because I didn't even know her maiden name. I found her maiden name by her Social Security, when she applied for a Social Security card. And it had her parents' names on there. So after I got that name, I just went for it. I did the work for them, and as many relatives as I could find. I didn't question it. I just did it." Susan is a family history consultant in her ward, so she enjoys coming to the BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy.

"I love learning about the technology, which is making our research so much easier. I was attending a class this morning on using EverNote, which is an application that helps you file all the information you find online, and find it easily."

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