As soon as I started to do it, I loved it. 

Ashley Lish

Ashley Lish

Ashley Lish of American Fork may look like a teenager, but she’s far from it. She attended the 2015 BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy as a teacher.

At age 22, Ashley is a recent BYU graduate in family history. As part of her studies she served an internship at the Society of Genealogists in Britain, working with Elsa Churchill.

“Words cannot describe how fantastic that was,” Ashley says. “It was just a phenomenal experience, and to be able to learn from her, an amazing opportunity.” She did some digitization of documents and research for Elsa’s classes.

“I now know a lot more about British coal mining and railroads than I ever thought I would,” she says with a laugh.

Ashley was able to help Dr. Amy Harris of BYU to teach the three British research classes at the 2015 conference, teaching about British probate records.

“My emphasis is in American research, but because of my internship experience in British genealogy, I was able to help her,” she explains.

Ashley developed an interest in family history in a rather roundabout way. “I was a history major at UVU [Utah Valley University]. I love history, but I was very bored. So I prayed to know where to go—this was before the latest push toward family history. I felt I should transfer to the family history program at BYU. As soon as I started to do it, I loved it. And as I learn more, I just love it more.”

Ashley is looking at graduate schools and would like to get a master’s degree in library science.

“I would love to work in a library or archive,” she says. “I’m not the kind of person who likes to sit behind a computer. I love research, but I want to work with actual documents and helping patrons.”

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